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Good day to all of our Loyal Customers, we are proud to announce our new subscription platform that will allow you to eliminate the worries of being without your product for a period of time when we can deliver to you on a monthly basis your favorite scented after shower moisturizer and additional body care products. Instead of dishing out full price for our product, we will allow you to receive a healthy discount just for subscribing, In addition, you will receive samples of any of our fragrances to try out before making a purchase. So far we have several Loyal Customers who have already taken advantage and received a great product at a great price from a great company who cares about you and your families health.

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Please check your Loyalty points for discounts and FREE products for your next order. Any questions, please reach out to me.

Good day Loyal Members, It appears that we have activated our "Subscription Platform" and thanks to you who have subscribed, you have opened up the flood gates for others to take advantage of this gre

This Father's day discount (buy 2 items get one free). Discount Code: FATHERSDAY2022 This promotion ends Jun 16, 2022 You can use it as many times as you like for all products.